Retention in physically demanding jobs of individuals with low back pain (GoBack)



The Goback trial is a Randomised controlled trial enrolling 300 participants with difficulty in maintaining physically demanding jobs due to low back pain. The participants will be randomised and stratified according to their age and gender before being allocated in a 1:1 ratio to either control or additional occupational medicine intervention. Both groups will receive conventional treatment for their low back pain during the study. All participants will be thoroughly assessed for causes of low back pain and potential prognostic factors by questionnaires, clinical specialist assessments and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the lumbar spine. Primary outcome is the accumulated duration of self-assessed sick leave (in days) due to low back pain during 6 months from baseline. Secondary outcomes include general self-rated back pain, disability and screening for potential prognostic factors: fear avoidance behaviour, disability, health status and degenerative MRI findings. For tertiary purposes selected outcomes will also be assessed after 1 and 2 years from baseline.


Bjarke Brandt Hansen, Lilli Kirkeskov, Robin Christensen, Luise Mølenberg Begtrup, Ellen Bøtker Pedersen, Jakob Falk Teilya, Mikael Boesen, Gilles Ludger Fournier, Henning Bliddal, Ann Isabel Kryger

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