CRU is involved in the diagnosis and therapy of the common rheumatic diseases. The unit runs studies initiated by own investigators and participates in multicentre studies which involve groups of patients participating in cross sectional studies, cohorts and randomized clinical trials.

The imaging Unit aims to implement, test, develop and potential improve the use of various imaging techniques to diagnose, follow treatment responses and understand the underlying patho-physiology and anatomy of various musculoskeletal diseases.

This unit is involved in research concerning ability to perform tasks of relevance to everyday life among people with chronic conditions, including rheumatic diseases. Our research focus on two aspects of ADL, evaluation of ADL ability and interventions adressing decreased ADL ability.

This unit aims at measuring and improving human motor performance, mobility, and physical disability in patients with chronic diseases – especially musculoskeletal diseases.

Research Unit for Dietary Studies (EEK) conducts research on diet disease relationships in populations.

MSU influences how health-care decisions are made through research. MSU promotes the principles and practice of evidence-based medicine through knowledge-translation research and educational offerings.

For optimal treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, knowledge of the biochemical and physiological processes behind a disease is called for. The laboratory is studying biochemical and physiological parameters before and after treatment.