Occupation-centred Occupational Therapy

The ADL unit is involved in research related to ability to perform tasks of relevance to everyday life (ADL ability) and focus on evaluation of ADL ability and interventions adressing decreased ADL ability.

Evaluation of a person's ADL ability can be based on either self-report (questionnaire or interview) or observation. Our research suggest that in order to obtain a complete picture of a person’s ADL ability we need to apply both methods in research and clinical practice.  

To encapture different features of decreased ADL ability we are developing and/or validating instruments to adress aspects related to ADL task performance. Evaluation of the extent of problems and change following intervention require the use of linear measures. Thus, we employ Rasch measurement methods to convert ordinal scores to linear measures of self-reported and observed ADL ability.

When people experience problems performing ADL tasks occupational therapy and/or interdisciplinary rehabilitation often will be provided. We are involved in research evaluating the outcomes of such group-based and/or indvidualized interventions in relation to ADL ability. 
A two-room flat equipped as a home is available for assessment and interventions employed as part of the research. 

The Activities of Daily Living Unit consists of 1 senior researcher and 2 PhD students.
Ongoing Projects
Here you can read about the projects that has recently started. If you want to know about the projects that is completed go to “Publications”.
The Activities of Daily Living Unit work closely with the other units in the house but also with both national and international collaborators.