The Biochemistry and Physiology Laboratory

An understanding of the underlying biochemical and physiological processes in musculoskeletal diseases is called for, if an optimal treatment is going to be achieved. The overall aim of the laboratory is to characterize musculoskeletal diseases by biochemical or physiological outcomes, and to relate these to clinical parameters, and thereby to improve treatment with a more individually targeted approach based on the particular patient’s disease pattern. The laboratory has especially expertise, and good measuring facilities, in three areas: 1. Immunological measurements with FacsArray for flow cytometry and multiplex, and ELISA for protein determinations like cytokines and hormones. 2. Pain measurements with cuff algometry for threshold and temporal summation measurements. 3. Muscle assessment with acoustic myography, which is a non-invasive method applicable outside the laboratory in any setting. The laboratory carry out laboratory function for all research groups at the institute and manage the institute’s Biobank. The laboratory takes active part in supervision of bachelor and graduate students, mainly from University of Copenhagen.


Calculation of isokinetic Muscle Strenght based on data from a Healthy Population.

The Biochemistry and Physiology Laboratory consists of 1 senior researcher, 2 PhD students and 3 Laboratory Technicians.
Ongoing Projects
Here you can read about the projects that has recently started. If you want to know about the projects that is completed go to “Publications”.
The Biochemistry and Physiology Laboratory work closely with the other units in the house but also with both national and international collaborators.