Sugar-sweetened beverage intake and the risk of developing coronary disease



The Harvard Pooling Project of Diet and Coronary Disease is an international consortium of cohort studies with the goal of providing comprehensive evaluations of associations between dietary and anthropometric factors and risk of coronary disease. We currently investigate the association between sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) intake and the risk of coronary events and death, and examine if substitution of coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice and artificially-sweetened beverages for SSBs is associated with a reduced risk of coronary disease. The Danish part of the Pooling Project is coordinated by Professor Berit L Heitmann. The project is financed by the Danish Heart Foundation, Region Hovedstaden, Etly og Jørgen Stjerngrens Fond, the Swiss Foundation for Nutrition Research, Oticon fonden and Niehls Bohr fondet