Pain classification in patients with inflammatory joint and back disease:A cross-sectional DANBIO registry survey



Project supervisor: Signe Rifbjerg-Madsen1,2, MD, PhD Student

Clinically responsible physician: Kirstine Amris1,2, Consultant, MD

Senior Biostatistician: Robin Christensen1, BSc, MSc, PhD

Other collaborators: Bente Danneskiold-Samsøe1, Professor, MD, DMSc Henning Bliddal1, Professor, MD, DMSc Anton T. Christensen1,2 , MD, PhD Student Christian Cato Holm1, MSc,

Database manager DANBIO collaborators: Merete Lund Hetland3 Professor, MD, PhD, DMSc Niels Steen Krogh4, MSc, Database manager Affiliations: