Thomas Frydendal

MSc, Physiotherapist
PhD fellow
+45 79406159

Thomas Frydendal graduated as a Bachelor in Physiotherapy in 2013 from VIA University College – Campus Aarhus N and has a Master of Science in Physiotherapy in 2016 from University of Southern Denmark. Thomas is now a PhD student at the Department of Physio- and Occupational Therapy, Vejle Hospital and Department of Clinical Research at the University of Southern Denmark, and a research fellow at the Section for Biostatistics and Evidence-Based Research at The Parker Institute. Since the 1st of August 2018, Thomas has been enrolled as a PhD student with the project: “Effect of surgical and non-surgical treatment in patients with hip osteoarthritis eligible for total hip arthroplasty”.

Thomas is co-affiliated with Section for Biostatistics and Evidence-Based Research at the Parker Institute, working with clinical epidemiology with an emphasis on issues such as (i) Setting the right research priorities, (ii) Encourage use of robust research designs, conduct and analysis, (iii) Make all information on research methods and findings accessible, (iv) Encourage the involvement of relevant stakeholders (incl. patient partners), and finally to make sure (v) Reports of research are complete and usable (independent of the findings).

Thomas will be supervised in clinical epidemiology, including guidance on how to perform and analyze randomized trials; his own trial investigates whether the effect of total hip arthroplasty surgery is superior to an exercise program supervised by a physiotherapist among patients with severe hip osteoarthritis. We envision that the outlined clinical trial aspects in this PhD study will help to ensure that management of severe hip OA is guided by high-quality evidence including the effectiveness, benefits and harms between total hip arthroplasty surgery and exercise. This information may be used to facilitate and influence shared decision making in clinical practice between patients and clinicians.