Eva Ejlersen Wæhrens

Occupational Therapist, PhD
Head of Occupation-centred Occupational Therapy
+45 38 16 41 66
+45 38 16 41 59

Eva Ejlersen Wæhrens graduated as an occupational therapist from the Copenhagen School of Occupational Therapy in 1987 and as Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at Umeå University in 2004. Through more than 20 years of clinical praxis she has developed highly specialised skills in how to evaluate and measure a person’s ability to perform everyday life tasks – especially activities of daily living (ADL) tasks. This subject was, therefore, also central in her phd. thesis "Measuring Quality of Occupational Performance Based on Self-report and Observation: Development and Validation of Instruments to Evaluate ADL Task Performance", which she defended in May 2010 at Umeå University. Eva Ejlersen Wæhrens will proceed her research at the Parker Institute focused on further development and validation of three instruments designed to provide linear measures of self-reported and observed ADL ability based on Rasch Measurement Methods.