Cecilie Rødgaard Bartholdy

Physiotherapist, MSc
+45 38 16 41 61
+45 38 16 41 59

In 2019 Cecilie Bartholdy defended her PhD thesis entitle “Physical inactivity and current treatments of knee osteoarthritis”. The conclusion was that reliable and valid measurements of time spent being physically inactive (sitting or lying down) in patients with knee OA can be achieved over longer periods of time, but current treatments do not spontaneously affect time spent being physically inactive. Treatments that include a focus on reduced time spent being physically inactive should be developed to help assist this patient group to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
From January 2020 Cecilie Bartholdy will focus on developing a target physiotherapy program for breast cancer survivors experiencing aromatase inhibitor-associated musculoskeletal pain (AIMSS). A protocol is currently being developed and studies will commence in the year 2020.
In addition Cecilie Bartholdy will investigate potential treatment methods to reduced pain and improve function in patient with hand osteoarthritis; as pain and reduced function limits the patients’ ability to perform daily tasks.