Imaging Unit

We are pioneers  in the use of novel imaging methods to quantify inflammation in both inflammatory and degenerative MSK diseases using both the US Doppler and dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI), but we also try to use imaging in example functional imaging (fMRI) of the brain to understand the individual patients response to pain and we use the first tilting weightbaring MRI scanner in Scandinavia to understand the mechanical changes in the lumbar spine with the aim of understanding the lumbar spine pain syndrome.

Finally we use imaging as inclusion criteria as well as both primary and secondary end-point of studies testing pharmacological therapy, weight loss, and herbal food supplements, in collaborations with both national and international research groups and pharmaceutical industry.

Since our research focuses on implementing and testing novel imaging techniques in clinical research our results has the potential to be relatively easy translated into clinical practice to the benefit of the patient.

We also take an active part in research training of students and encourage students to participate in our research.

For information about possible attachment to the unit as a pre- or postgraduate student (Bachelor, Master, or PhD) please contact the unit head or the secretary at the Parker Institute.