Imaging Unit Collaborators

The Imaging unit collaborates very closely with the other research groups, units and laboratories and are currently collaborating in studies with the following: Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospitals:

Department of Radiology senior consultant head of MSK research Mikael Boesen, MD, Phd and senior consultant, head of neurological research Anders Christensen, MD, Phd Department of Rheumatology headed by Hanne Slott Jensen, MD, DMSc Department of sports medicine headed by Professor Michael Kjær, MD DMSc and Professor Peter Magnusson, DMSc Department of sports surgery headed by Professor Michael Krogsgaard, MD, DMSc

National Collaborators

University of Copenhagen:

Rigshospitalet, Department of Radiology:

Professor Carsten Thomsen, DMSc Senior

Consultant Karl Erik Jensen, DMSc Professor

Michal Bachmann Nielsen, MD, Phd, DMSc

University hospital of Southern Denmark Odense, department of rheumatology:

Professor Torkell Elling, MD DMSc

Silkeborg Department of Radiology:

Head of department , senior consultant Agnete Desirée Nielsen, MD

Århus University Hospital Department of Radiology:

Ass Professor, senior consultant Anne Grethe Jurik, MD, DMSc

Professor senior consultant Niels Egun, MD, DMSc

Aalborg University Hospital

Ass Professor, senior consultant in orthopaedic surgery Ole Simonsen, MD

Center for Sensorimotor Interaction (SMI) Aalborg

Professor Lars Arent-Nielsen, Phd

Copenhagen University Hospital Glostrup, Department of Rheumatology and the Danbio registry:

Professor Mikkel Østergaard, MD, Phd, DMSc

Professor Tom Bendix, MD, DMSc

Professor Merete Hetland, MD, Phd

Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre

Danish research center for MRI, head of the MRI department Professor Hartwig Ziebner, MD, DMSc


International Collaborators


Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis, Nothingham

Professor Mark Batt, MD, Phd, consultant in sports medicine

Senior Consultant in MSK radiology Robert Kerslake, MD

Oxford University, Department of

Professor Peter Taylor, DMSc


Image Analysis, Ltd, CEO Olga Kubassova, Phd


Harvard University Professor Deborah Burstein, Phd


Sidney University, Florance and Cope Chair of Rheumatology

Medicine, Northern Clinical School

Professor David Hunter, MD, Phd


Lund and Malmø University hosptials:

Professor Stefan Lohmander, MD, DMSc

Professor, senior consultant in orthopaedic surgery Leif Dahlberg, MD, Phd

Ass Professor, senior consultant in orthopaedic surgery Carl Johan Tiderius, MD, Phd


Genoa University Professor Marco Commino, MD

Austria, Vienna University, Professor in Radiology and Dean Franz Kainberger, MD, DMSc

CIR Vienna University Ass Professor Georg Langs, Phd