Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Research Unit Collaborators

Program Collaborators

The Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Research Unit collaborates very closely with the other research groups, units and laboratories at The Parker Institute - in particular, the Musculoskeletal Statistics Unit, Imaging Unit, and Biochemistry and Physiology laboratory.

Collaborators within Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital

Department of Physiotherapy (Morten Østergaard, Lone Schaadt)
Department of Radiology (Mikael Boesen, Rasmus Bouert)
Coordinating Research unit (Jesper Mehlsen, Louise ???)

National Collaborators

University of Copenhagen

Department of neuroscience and pharmacology

Associate professor Tine Alkjær Eriksen
Associate professor Erik Bruun Simonsen)
Department of public health (Prof Henning Langberg)

University of Southern Denmark

The Research Unit for Musculoskeletal Function and Physiotherapy

Associate professor Hans Lund

Aalborg University

Center for Sensorimotor Interaction (SMI)

Professor Thomas Graven-Nielsen


University Hospital Hvidovre

Thomas Bandholm


International Collaborators



Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis

Professor Mark Batt


East Carolina University

Professor Paul DeVita

Wake Forest University

Professor Stephen P Messier

Stanford University

Professor Thomas P Andriacchi


Sidney University

Professor David Hunter

Australian Catholic University

Mark Creaby

University of Melbourne

Professor Kim Bennell

Deakin University

Professor Richard Osborne


Lund University

Professor Stefan Lohmander


McMaster University

Associate Professor Monica Maly